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 On March 1, 2018, Peay United opened three partner opportunities for investors. A special thank you to those who applied for our debt and equity partnerships. We have selected three partners and have now closed these opportunities. 

Our Community Contributor partnership opportunity remains open. To get started, please carefully review the Community Contributor partnership description below. If you are interested press the donate button to get started.

Community Contributor Partners - Peay United Foundation

Community Contributor Champions desire to provide a one-time or ongoing contribution to the important work of the Peay United Foundation. Your contributions as a donation partner support its efforts toward improving the financial IQ of our inner city youth. Your contributions are tax deductible and we report back on how your funds were utilized.

Investment Duration: One-Time or Reoccurring

Please send contributions to:

Peay United Foundation Inc.

7330 Staples Mill Rd. Unit 111

Richmond VA 23228

** Peay United Foundation is a Virginia Designated Non- Profit**